Track food deliveries in real-time

Safeguarding Tampering, Monitoring Temperature & Ensuring Food is Delivered from Restaurants to Consumers with care.

The only way to order food online

The Future of Food Delivery is here stay in-control of your deliveries







Status Monitoring

Peace of Mind

Ensuring Every Delivery, Every Time is Delivered Safely, Securely & With Care

Our patent-pending hardware solution can be attached to any bag to help secure delivery of food from restaurants to customers, or we can custom design our bag to suite your requirements.  Each food delivery tracked and recorded.

Detection of Mishandling

Monitor food handling to ensure food arrives as if it was just cooked in the kitchen.


Ensuring tamper free delivery to them peace of mind & safe guarding your company's reputation.

Monitoring Temperature

Ensuring food is delivered dafely from pick-up until doorstep, so as to ensure compliance to highest food level standards.


Here is a list of some frequently asked questions,

if your question is not here or want more details please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does the S4BG do?

The S4BG provides peace of mind to the consumer.  It is fitted to a Food Delivery Bag to ensure that any tampering of the contents of the bag are detected.  In addition to this the on board sensors record the temperature and humidity in the bag.  For more details please request a demo.

Where can I buy the S3BG and S4BG?

Please visit our Regional Sales Office page to be able to communicate with the Sales Office covering your region.

Can the S4BG come fitted to a Food Delivery Bag with our design and logo?

Yes, we can design a bag specific to your needs including your logo. 

Can the S4BG fitted on any bag?

The short answer is yes.  The S4BG comes  as a standard kit with harnesses and additional components to be able to accommodate any Food Delivery Bag, depending on the bag the S4BG will be customized. 

What is the the S3BG?

The S3BG can be considered as the baby brother of the S4BG.  S3BG is intended to secure the contents of a sack (plastic or paper) from tampering.